70 The Best Two Tenderfoot Tourists of 2018 – 3rd Place

What else is there to say!? 
Based on your downloads we are bringing you the top 3 most popular Two Tenderfoot Tourists episodes. 
Number 3 in our list is our episode called “Podcast Potluck Gluttonous Thirds”. 
Below is the original episode description. 
Once again we belly up to the third potluck. This time Steve and Sandy are serving up a Road Trip to Dogwood Canyon Nature Park owned by Mr. Bass Pro himself, Johnny Morris. 

1. Dogwood Canyon Nature Park has picturesque limestone bluffs and waterfalls. Bridges formed of native stone with hand-crafted wrought iron of Amish construction.
Sadly, due to a misunderstanding, a 20 minute wait in line, Steve and Sandy disappointingly walked away.
Listen so you’re not mislead too, about this amazing park.
2. In that same day we visited an delicious BBQ restaurant Branson West. Hear what we and Marco had to eat at the popular local restaurant.
3. To end the day we visited the shoreline of Table Rock Lake. While there we used our 360° camera for the first time.
4. We rediscover an AMAZINGLY versatile website called on “Only In Your State” . So many gems in this website, its a vacationes DREAM!. In fact there are 100s and 100s of gems within this site, as they go through each state and reveal little known secrets that each state holds. We will talk about a few random articles of different destinations in just Missouri.
5. Vacationing with sleep apnea. What we’ve learn from Steve’s resent diagnosis of this sleeping disorder. For instance, what is Sleep Apnea? How to be better prepared to stay at a hotel with a CPAP machine.
6. Steve and Sandy talk about simple and sometimes over looked travel advise.
We’ll cover potty breaks! The importance of grocery store plastic bags. The many uses of the simple snacks! Then finally, the scary warning of using a GPS!

This and a WHOLE LOT MORE is all in this episode of Two Tenderfoot Tourists podcast. Sit back, relax, laugh and learn from our mistakes.

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