66 The One About Having Fun In Hot Springs Arkansas part 1

A weekend getaway review!
Episode #66 – The One About Having Fun In Hot Springs Arkansas.
October is pretty special for Sandy and I. There are so many wonderful things that happen in this month. One of which is Sandy’s birthday. Another is, I get to spoil her with a weekend getaway as a gift.
This year, I surprised Sandy with a trip to Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

We stayed at the Waters Hotel in downtown Hot Springs. The Waters, built in 1913, is an EXCELLENT CHOICE for anyone looking for a place to stay. The accommodations are extremely comfortable and provide an enjoyable, upscale stay. That’s not even mentioning all of the other favorable conveniences this location provides. It’s walking distance of numerous walking trails of Hot Springs National Park. Hungry for great local cuisines, rich history and the perfect spa treatments? Hot Springs has you covered!

A little known fact about Hot Springs National Park is that it was established as a national park in 1832; 40 years before Yellowstone. Hot Springs became the first ever national park. The hot springs were set aside as a special reservation.
We have SO much to talk about in part 1 of our 2 part episode.
We have 140° Spring Water, Bath Houses, a Mountain Tower, Hotels, Gangsters and oh-yes, GREAT food.

We try to have fun talking about vacation destinations. Give us a try!

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