30. The One About Do You Feel Safe On Vacation?

Are you dreaming of your next getaway?
WELL, Summer is coming up REAL fast, folks!
Have you given any thought as to you AND your family’s safety while traveling?
No problem! We gotcha back!
In this episode, Steve and Sandy present to you helpful information from retired LAPD Detective Kevin Coffey.
“Detective Kevin Coffey is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer. His expertise is teaching business travelers about safety awareness and crime avoidance and training meeting, and event industry professionals about risk reduction and safety awareness.”
Steve and Sandy take the time to breakdown some of the practices and methods found on his website (link provided below) to help secure a safer and happier trip.
We barely scratch the surface in this episode on travel safety. If your interested in learning more, we recommend Det. Kevin Coffey’s website.
If you would like to learn MORE about traveling with a sense of security. Check-out LA Detective Kevin Coffey website by clicking
here !

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