29. The One About Podcast Potluck

I hear you saying, “PODCAST POTLUCK”?
YEP, say THAT six times FAST! Lol!
This episode is chalk full of STUFF!!!

Listen to your favorite Two Tenderfoot’s…. or would it be “feet”?!
Ah… ANY-WHOOO! Steve and Sandy mispronounce and discuss various travel related subjects.
“Just what goes into a podcast potluck”, you ask?
While visiting a Hotel this week Steve runs into an old “blood sucking” friend. Beg Bugs episode revisited with a new lesson.
There is some discussion about what an article in the US News/Travel calls affordable destinations. A link to the Article is Here!!
Biloxi Mississippi is #1 on the list.
Then Branson, Mo. Made the list with its Silver Dollar City, College of the Ozarks, Fish Hatchery and we added Table Rock Dam with Bass Pro in Springfield.
Did you know Daytona Beach, Florida has musuems?
Reilgh North Carolina has a TON of free stuff!!!
Williamsburg Virginia is a jaw dropping worth the trip with discounted packages.
Plus planning a trip to Colorado. Which is exciting for Steve. He’s never stayed in Colorado. But trying to pick Colorado Springs or Estes Park has been very difficult.
A shout out to SirWillow subscribers. Then a cry for help! lol! There is a LOT in this episode.
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Intro and Out-tro music: Levels Of Greatness by Scott Holmes(Edited for time)

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