36. The One About Vacation Rental or Hotel

Which do you choose?
A vacation rental or a hotel.
Best answer is “it depends”.
Both have wide price ranges.
Both have pros and cons.
This episode, of Two Tenderfoot Tourists, will be a birds eye view for anyone trying to make a decision which is better for their family vacation needs.
To help with that decision making, Steve and Sandy took the time to build a pros and cons list. Then sprinkled it with tips and suggestions we found on the internet.
[BTW Stick around to the very end for bloopers]

Pros of vacation rentals

1. Its a home away from home. It has all of the accoutrements that come with a house. Furniture, Appliances and Dishes… etc.

2. Spacious! Separate rooms.

3. Save money on food

4. Possibility of saving on staying. Splitting cost of stay with someone else.

5. Live like a local. Sample of that community’s culture in Food, People and Entertainment

6. You could have freedom & Time. Wake up and eat at anytime. Come and go as you please.

7. Locations are more diverse. Pick from either Isolated or closer to all the action.

8. Could be easier on your pet. Not all vacation rentals allow for pets. But the ones that do, may give your pet room to move. Plus, if your dog barks late at night. With the right house it wouldnt wake your neighbors.

1. Depending on the circumstances you could be paying more. Time of year and if whether or not you are sharing accommodations with family or friends.

2. You’re responsible for cleaning up after yourself. Laundry and dishes, etc…

3. You could find yourself in a sketchy neighborhood

4. Borrowing problems. The house could have damages that could slow the enjoyment of the home.

5. Check cancellation policy, deposit and home rules (exg: AirBnb, Homeaway-pets, smoking or cleaning)

Pros of Hotels (typical hotel or hotel chain)
1. Prices can vary widely. peak & down season. vacation package. Booking early. Sometimes hotel includes theme park package.

2. Free breakfast

3. Pool indoor or outdoor

4. Sometimes has shuttle service.

5. Room service. Food, cleaning, concierge

6. Free toiletries.

7. Possible perceived security. (Seaglass tower)

1. Prices may not equal the room size.
average 325 square feet room

2. Thin walls. Snoring, doors, talking, pets or Children playing, etc…

3. Sometimes you’re stuck with a meager breakfast or unhealthy options. Limit window to eat

4. Crowded pool and breakfast room

5. Eating out and spending more money

6. May be charged for wifi and parking

7. You pay for laundry and worry about leaving it unattended.

You can….

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