45 The One About Cheesecake, Saloon Girls and BBQ

WOW! What a day at Silver Dollar City. The Bluegrass & BBQ festival is well on its way and Sandy and Steve get to enjoy it. 
What to expect from this episode? A Silver Dollar City Culinary Class. LOTS OF GOOD FOOD at the House Of BBQ! Then the Silver Dollar Saloon Girls put on a show! 
By the way you can find those recipes for the Almond Cheesecake and the Oatmeal Breakfast cookies/muffins on our Facebook page. Click here!
 COME ALONG WITH THEM! Learn more about this AMAZING 1880’s theme park. 
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Intro and Out-tro music: Levels Of Greatness by Scott Holmes(Edited for time)
 Find this and other great music by Scott Holmes click on links below http://freemusicarc

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