44 The One About Bizarre Wisconsin Roadside Attractions

Steve & Sandy are bringing you another fun installment of bizarre roadside attractions.  This episode we focus on four of a state’s contributon to the strange, the odd, the amazing and the bizarre.

House On The Rock – Located in Spring Green. House On The Rock has EVERYTHING! What better way to describe it, BUT… A great museum of the oddest assortment of toys, miniatures, weapons, dolls, chandeliers. Then you add a infinity room and in another room a whale like creature fighting a squid. Which by the way. The whale, its taller than the statue of liberty. House On The Rock
The Ice Caves Of Apostle Islands – Located just off shore on the Apsotle Island’s in Lake Superior, the winter creates a winter wonderland. Listen and find out.  Go here to learn more Ice Caves of Wisconsin
The Harry Houdini exhibition – In the Appleton History Museum. Check out the collection of the escape artist master. History Museum Harry Houdini
The Rock In The House – We talked about a House on the ROCK in Spring Green. Now we’re gonna talk about The Rock IN The House. A 55 ton ROCK that fell into a House, in Fountain City.  Rock In The House 

Interested in the Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale mentioned in this episode? Go here and order yourself some. Remember its got KICK! Buffalorockgingerale.com
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