46 The One About “Show Me” A Good Time

What is 69,704 sq miles, has 6 amusement parks, GREAT food, a Castle and Museums?OH! Don’t forget two massive lakes. One lake has more shoreline that the state of California!!!! “WHAAAAAAT!”Now you may be asking yourself, “WHERE IS THIS PLACE!?”If the title didn’t give it away already, it’s Missouri! This episode is about the great show me state. Sandy and Steve discover ALL the fun that is waiting for your family vacation!This is a BIG episode.  Steve and Sandy get to share everything GREAT about their home state, Missouri.  Granted this isn’t a comprehensive list. However… 
Locations covered in this episode are…
Branson: Silver Dollar City, Shows, Shopping. 
Kansas City: Worlds of Fun, WW1 National Museum, ..and a pre-civil war steam boat found in a farmer’s field, Has a Museums. 
Saint Louis: Arch: Zoo, Six Flags, Forest Park….
The list goes ON…
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